Classic Jazz Vocalists Have Their Own Unique Style and Sound When Performing

Jazz music remains an influential genre with harmonious conceptions and tangible phrasing whereas music of today tends to be flamboyant lyrics convoluted with anger that only reaches a certain point, but does not get to the heart of the music. Classic jazz vocalists have their own unique style and sound when performing. Both men and woman classic jazz vocalists in the past and present have a way of bringing poetic lyrics as well as a raspy smooth sound that will transform into scatting gibberish entertaining.

Louis Armstrong Was Well-Known for His Trumpet Playing

Although Louis Armstrong probably started singing before he ever picked up a trumpet, he was not known as a singer until after establishing himself as an instrumentalist. Armstrong left not 1 but 2 great legacies in American music. His trumpet playing defined the role of a jazz musician and transformed jazz itself, however his singing has been every bit as powerful and entertaining.

Sarah Vaughan Had Vast Palette of Vocal Colors

Sarah Vaughan was affectionately also known as both “The Divine One” and “Sassy”, these nicknames reflected the extraordinary variety she brought to her singing. Her unique vocal abilities included an amazingly wide-range, astonishingly diverse tonal colors and incredible breath control which were rooted in a heartfelt passion that expressed herself. Her vast palette of vocal colors and her ingenious harmonic variations hooked her audience.

Billie Holiday Was Known for Her Distinctive Voice

The emotional power of Billie Holiday’s vocals comes from the way she sings the melodies. She was known for her distinctive voice, matter of fact her personal style continues today to inspire singers years after her passing in 1959. It is about phrasing and rhythm, which she learned because she listened to the best. Holiday’s vocals will reach your mind, catch your ear and speak to your heart. To know more click here.

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