Why People Opt for Customized Frames

Custom framing is the best option for displaying special items beyond standard posters and prints. You most certainly will not need a customized frame for everything, but the right frame can even give a stock piece of pop art a new personality. Customized frames are also critical for three-dimensional pieces like signed guitars and sports memorabilia. Here are the most common reasons the most sophisticated denizens of Miami opt for customized frames.

  1. Fabric framing. Some of the most common candidates for customized frames include flags, special event or signed sports jerseys, or artisan weaved or hand-embroidered fabrics you purchased on your travels. The reason why fabric items need customized frames is that they need to be mounted first before the glass and actual frame are set. Depending on the material, the stretching and mounting processes can be difficult because of the tendency of fabrics to wrinkle. Fabric also needs to be mounted delicately to avoid damaging the weave. Customized frames help protect special items from exposure to the elements, allowing a textile to be elevated to art.
  2. Instrument, toy, or medal framing. Any item that is not flat, like a musical instrument, special edition toy, medal, or jewelry will need customized frames. Bulky and odd-shaped items will need to be mounted carefully first before framing. As with fabric items, three-dimensional items need to be mounted securely. Customized framing by a framing professional ensures zero damage during the process of mounting. Once the item has been framed, it is protected from the elements and becomes a stunning showpiece.
  3. Mixed-media art. A customized frame is critical for one-of-a-kind art, but not just for paintings. When you have purchased a work of art rendered in multimedia, a customized frame can be created to account for the different dimensions of the piece. Many clients in Miami purchase works of art at Art Basel or Art Miami that require deft attention to detail during the mounting and framing process.
  4. Archaeological items. Some smaller figurines and artifacts need to be displayed together for optimal effect. To do so requires a good eye for composition as well as the skill in custom framing. Customized framing protects artifacts from the elements and preserves precious material for generations to come.
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