How to Hire the Perfect Lounge Singer

Despite common misconceptions about the genre, lounge music has progressed to encompass a range of vocal and instrumental variation, undergoing countless revivals throughout the decades. This ongoing evolution makes lounge music an ideal choice for entertainment in many venues, but weeding through lounge singers in LA can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Use the following tips to pinpoint the characteristics you are looking for and simplify the auditioning process.

Appreciate Tradition

Although elements of many cultures have made a significant impact on modern lounge music, it is important to select a singer who can still stay true to the genre. In the past, lounge music has been known to transport the listener to some other place with inspiring instrumentals and thought-provoking lyrics, vividly recreating bustling urban imagery or exotic foreign lands. In order to maintain this imaginative quality, tip your hat to tradition by choosing a singer who understands how to incorporate the old with the new while performing on stage.

Assess the Atmosphere

Due to the flexible and adaptable nature of lounge music, it is necessary to evaluate the atmosphere of your venue before choosing a singer. For example, a  classic jazz-era hotel bar would benefit greatly from the vocal stylings of a sultry songstress, a likeness seen in many television shows and movies. On the other hand, lounge singers in LA that showcase modern dance and pop influences are better suited for trendy nightclubs and cocktail bars. In any case, try to envision how different performance styles might complement the mood of your establishment.

Find the Right Fit

There are countless lounge singers in LA trying valiantly to forge a solid musical reputation while developing their own unique style. This can inevitably turn auditions into an overwhelming tide of performers clamoring for your approval. To streamline potential applicants, be as specific as possible about the qualities you are looking for in a singer as well as the general expectations outlined in your contract. If auditions fail to produce an ideal stage presence, consider hosting an open mic night to draw in a new batch of local talent.

In terms of musical entertainment, lounge singers in LA are the best way to enhance the general mood of your establishment, transforming hip new hotspots and ageless enterprises alike. Grounded in years of timeless tradition and talent, lounge singers in LA help add the final flair necessary to delight your listeners, creating an impressive and enjoyable experience in any venue.

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