Stand-up Comedy in Chicago is all about the Experience

Standup comedy in Chicago is not all the same. Even if you take the “funny” out of the picture it is still not all the same. When you are visiting Chicago or if you live in the area you want to be sure to get the whole stand up experience which can be difficult if you are at the wrong club. A lot of people mistakenly think that comedy is comedy and it is just a person on stage telling jokes. The reality is comedy is an art. There are many things that go into making someone laugh, not just ha ha laugh but really grab their belly and laugh.  When you experience standup that makes you really let loose and laugh you will know it.  There is a difference between seeing a show and being immersed in the experience of the seeing the show. The latter is better!

The Experience

Not every cub has the history, the atmosphere and the legends associated with it. The overall experience of stand up is affected by all of those things. Knowing you are sitting in a theater that has had some of the greats come across that stage connects you to the performance in a way you cannot be connected to just any club.  The best experience is an experience that has all the qualities that you are looking for.

The talent is important, the timing, the style all important factors but the nuance of the club will also play a role in your experience.

Here are some tips for choosing the right standup show:

  * Reputation counts
  *Historic relevance
  *Who performs at the club

Reputation is everything in the comedy industry. Comedy clubs come and go, longevity in the industry really counts. A club that is an iconic member of the community is always a better choice than a new club or a club that has a reputation for bringing marginal talent to the stage.  Consider a comedy club that is historically relevant, it just make the experience more meaningful. Finally ask yourself before you book your reservation exactly who it is that has performed at this club during their career. Are headliners still popping up? It is important to get the whole experience of standup and choosing the right club is the only way to ensure that you are not disappointed.

There is only one place to see stand-up comedy in Chicago. Second City offers the whole package so that you have the best experience ever! Get your tickets today!

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