Must See Plays In Chicago

Plays comes in a wide range of genres and if you are a theater lover there are some must see plays in Chicago.  Going to the theater to catch a live performance is really a great experience and if you have yet to have the experience, you should. If you are a dedicated theater goer than for you visiting this one theater will really be a treat.

The Genre

Many people expect certain things when you suggest that they see a play. They expect fanfare, some music, long acts with an intermission in between. While it is true that is the basic back drop of a play, fanfare, music and long acts with intermission in between, there are some plays that follow the rules sort of. The plays that sort of follow the rules are the ones you must see!  The genre of the play typically directs how the play will unfold. When you consider the classics like Death of a Salesman or State Fair you know what to expect. Either you are going to get a high dose of drama (Death of a Salesman) or some lighthearted musical fun (State Fair). Now comedy is an entirely different type of play.  If you choose the right theater what you get with comedy is:

   * Excitement
   *Full on entertainment
   *Improvisation that is unexpected

Comedy plays are exciting, they are truly entertainment at their finest and at the right theater you get to see improv that literally takes the house down. Comedy is an art that can be expressed beautifully in a play. You can walk away feeling lighthearted yet aware. Comedy always has a message and it is always relevant.

The Experience

Second City has the plays that you have to see because it is a completely amazing experience! To know more visit The Second City at

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