Top of the Pops: Why Female Vocal Artists Are Dominant Today

From opera divas to rock goddesses to pop queens and beyond, female singers have been lauded for centuries, and with good reason. There’s just something about high notes that just hits that sweet spot, and few hit them more sweetly than a well-trained diva. There’s never been a better time for female vocal artists than right now, and as such whether you’re looking to sign future artists to a contract or are simply looking for some hot new singles by a musical femme fatale, here are just a few reasons why female vocalists are queens of today’s music scene.

A Feminist Aesthetic
Granted, all the great feminist icons from Susan B. Anthony to the suffragettes to Anne Sexton didn’t do what they did just so Taylor Swift could top the charts, but the successive wave of feminism has nevertheless paved the way for female artists. Third-Wave Feminism in particular has focused on the importance of individualizing feminism and personal experience, which is reflected in both the rise of female vocal artists and fans clamoring for a more feminist edge from them.

Demand Begets Demand
It’s a simple rule of business—the more popular something becomes, the higher the demand for that product, at least initially. With all the big-name starlets making waves today, young female stars who can connect to today’s youth have never been more in vogue and, by extension, in demand.

Sheer Talent
Then there’s the fact that the talent pool of female vocalists today is just deeper than in the past. With the demand for divas increasing with each new success story and decades of feminism paving the way for new generations of female vocal artists to express themselves and speak to an ever-increasing audience of young girls and women eager to see themselves represented, it should come as no surprise that more young women have been afforded more opportunities in music, which in return produces more—and more talented—female singing stars.

All of which should make the plethora of female vocal artists today music to our ears.

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